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A Brief History of Time: Mrs Robinson

1960’s Wynn was a little minx, even if I do say so myself. While bras were a-burnin’, Wynn was enticing younger men. “Are you trying to seduce me?” they’d ask, a little uncertain how to proceed. “My dear boy” Mrs Wynn Robinson would laugh throatily, “would I do such a thing as that?”



Hair: Besom / Star seed *Browns*

Dress: 1313 Mockingbird Lane / Wake Me Up Dress (Maitreya only) / *new release* available at Rewind June 2018

Heels: G&D / Odyssey Sandals (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Vintage Fair until 24th June 2018

Memory boxes: Salacity / Keepsake Box

Wall clock: The Half Moon Market / Ben’s Wall Clock / *new release* available at Vintage Fair until 24th June 2018

Chair, Rug, Table: [CIRCA] / “Urbanite” – Retro Sitting Set / *new release* available at Vintage Fair until 24th June 2018

Pose: Entangled Poses / Medea (3 poses inc)

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The Rewind event has just started and I always find it good fun to pop over and see what people are now calling “Retro”. This round is the early 2000’s and all I keep thinking is “heck, I was around my physical peak then!” Young, perky….nothing had moved southwards and I didn’t appreciate it at the time. In fact, I remember owning a PC like this one for a good few years. It was a beast of a machine (woolly mammoth) but it got me through university in one piece 😉

The computer set is from Madpea and is actually a gacha game. Collect the pieces to discover the outcome of a story and a hidden achievement. That’s all I know myself, so I’ll be settling down in my comfies (love bold colours, so pink was a natural choice) and finding out what happens. It’s a bit like a binge watch session of your fave tv programme. Have to keep going until it’s all done!



Hair: MINA Hair / Fiona – All colors / Free gift – Shop Til You Drop event (Gilded Sim) until 26th February 2018

Top: Pink Cream Pie / Karlie Top – pink worn (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Capri pants: Pink Cream Pie / Lani – Hearty Booty pack (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Sneakers: [VALE KOER] / Hermes Kicks – pink worn (Maitreya worn)

Love decor: Salacity / LOVE Decor

Planets decor: Salacity / Planet Orbs decor

Computer desk: Madpea / Y2K – Computer Desk / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Computer: Madpea / Y2K – Big Bulky Computer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk lamp: Madpea / Y2K – Desk Lamp Pink / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk organiser: Madpea / Y2K – Desk Organizer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Chair w/ anims: Madpea / Y2K – Computer Chair / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Clock: Madpea / Y2K – Clock Radio / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Rug: Salacity / Casual Stripes Rug

CD rack: Madpea / Y2K – CD Tow er / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Panties: Salacity / Worn, stained panties

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Insert meaningful title here

One of the things I really enjoy about blogging in SL is the photography. I enjoy experimenting with windlights and shadows to see how it affects the ‘scene’ I have in front of me. Do I want it to look moody? Do I want a light effect with extra ‘gold’ or ‘blue’ in it? Do I want shadows or not? Sometimes it takes me a while to put the picture together; sometimes I have moments of quick inspiration and BOOM it’s there. That’s the one. I’m ready to publish. The ones I’ve enjoyed the most are where it’s been effortless….everything has flowed and I look back at it all and think “yes, this feels and looks right.” Bit like life, really.



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ / Jasmine Mesh Hair – Browns / 250L

Pose: [GCP] / Sporty Spice (animation and pose ball inc) / 25L – available on Marketplace HERE

Jacket w/ Shirt: [VALE KOER] / Kellu Bomber Jacket (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / 788L fatpack (singles available) – available at C88 *limited time*

Pants: RIOT / Jennifer Skinnies (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / 1,299L fatpack (singles available) – available at the Rewind event *limited time*

Heels: [MODA] / Phoebe Leather Pumps – fatpack (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, TMP inc) / 299L *clearance*


Photo taken in a little corner at the Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar. A new rock club on the grid, with sets most days. The Boss and I work here on a Thursday 1-3pm (classic rock set), if you ever fancy joining us.