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Fit for a Princess

My cat is certainly a Princess. In fact one of her many nicknames is Princess Kitty. There are a few other choice nicknames for when she misbehaves, but that’s another story for another day! Annnnyway, my point is I’d like to think this dining area would be fit for a Princess (Kitty). Especially with pink macarons being served for breakfast x


Curtain & Curtain Rod: ChiMia / Curtain Kit Gacha – Blue Waves Curtain & Spiral Rod shown / *new release* available at The Arcade June 2021

House Plants (white vases): What Next / House Plants – Rubber Tree & Pothos Plant shown

Small Floral Vase (on table): The Artist Shed / Gypsophila Vase

Table w/ decoration: Avitat / Monroe Dining Table (part of Monroe Dining Set)

Dining Chair: Avitat / Monroe Dining Chair – anims inc (part of Monroe Dining Set)

Rug: [CIRCA] Living / River Bungalow Weave Area Rug – Natural Stone

Cabinet: Avitat / Monroe Sideboard (part of Monroe Dining Set)

Plants on Cabinet: Avitat / Monroe Plant Pair (part of Monroe Dining Set)

Kitty: Birdy / Royal Pets – Kitty – Display – Ginge / gacha item

Kitty’s Armchair (w/ blanket): North Oak / Stanley Leather Chair – Ash

Shelf w/ crockery: North Oak / Pottery Display Shelf – Ash

Macarons: DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party – Bowl of Macarons – Pink v2

Tulip Planter: The Artist Shed / O’Hare Tulips

Wall Art: Cwtch. / ‘Under the Sea’ & ‘Patterns in the Sun’ Artwork / *Hunt Prizes* available at the Summer Lovin’ Hunt 5 – more info HERE

Mirror: Bliensen + MaiTai / Solar Mirror – gold

Wall Sconce: MudHoney / Sloan Sconce

Rattan Balls: [CIRCA] Living / Savanna Rattan Ball Set – Nut

Screen: [CIRCA] Living / Savanna Weave Divider Trio – Nut

Building: ChiMia / Marais Apartment (Royale White)

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Morning coffee

Some mornings I think about us drinking coffee together. Mine decaffeinated; yours strong and without milk. You scoff at my choice of drink. I tell you off. You laugh and my heart explodes with love. Some mornings it’s hustle and bustle. Other times we take it slow, lazy kisses punctuate the passing of time. Either way, my heart is full of love. While we drink coffee and prepare for the day to come.


Armchair: North Oak / Jaden Shearling Chair – white used

Lemon tree: North Oak / lemon tree

Cushion: *paper moon* / Vintage Pale Pink Roses Decor Set: Pillow – Pink/Slump

Curtain: What Next / Chloe Sheer Curtains – hud inc

Table: Atelier Burgundy / Norwich Side Table / FaMESHed Group Gift available at the event May 2021 only

Coffee & Biscotti trays: What Next / Coffee Time – Tray & Biscotti in white shown

Vase: Cherry Rain Floral / Orchid Fusion vase set – floating candle vase with rose / *new release* available at TWE12VE May 2021

Wall Art: .Princess Stuff. / Butterfly in a Frame / Birthday Hunt Prize available at mainstore during May 2021 (group join needed)

Propped Art: .Princess Stuff. / .Frames Decor Pink. / Birthday Hunt Prize available at mainstore during May 2021 (group join needed)

Baskets: Pitaya / Straw Baskets / FaMESHed Group Gift available at the event May 2021 only

Birdcage & Floral rug: .Princess Stuff. / .Birdcage & Rug. / Birthday Hunt Prize available at mainstore during May 2021 (group join needed)

Blue rug: brocante. / knotted silk rug / FaMESHed Group Gift available at the event May 2021 only

Backdrop: MudHoney / Photo Room 1 / gacha item

Building Decor Furniture gacha hunt new release

Add music and chill

It will be one of those days today. We don’t need Netflix and chill. We need music that rocks our soul and a large coffee. Lean back, close our eyes and let it take over. These are the days we find inner peace and they are very much needed right now.


Hanging chair: crate / Bahia Hanging Chair – Neutral

Cushion: BROKEN ARROWS / Sparks – Mouth Pillow 2

Trunk decor: unKindness / StiKs Lights – Birch Wood

Side cabinet: [Fetch] / Carlson Console Table

Wall art: Ballade / Bamboo Framed Art – Sunset and Exotica shown

Record player & vinyls: What Next / Bailey Vinyl – full set shown

Phone stand: The Vintage Touch / Ebony Library Telephone Table

Phone: Ballade / Flapper Antique Phone – Sepia

Vase: The Artist Shed / Gypsophila Vase / *hunt prize* Evil Bunny Hunt 11 available April 2021 – more info HERE

Bunnies: North Oak / Easter Decor Collection – bunnies shown / 1L purchase instore

Basket: dust bunny / my summer retreat – getaway basket / gacha item

Fan: Serenity Style / Vintage Fan Green / gacha item

Indoor plant: North Oak / Faux Monstera Leaf Vase

Books: North Oak / Designer Books

Bunny pots: BROKEN ARROWS / Bunny Pots – White

Jewelled Egg: Ballade / Bejeweled Russian Egg / *hunt prize* World Tour Hunt available until 20 April 2021 – more info HERE

Damask Egg: {Poeme} / Toulouse Vintage Damask Egg – both bag wear and decor versions inc / *new release*

Floral tins & mug: Cwtch / Kashmiri Set – colour change options available

Curtain: MOoH! / Autumn branch curtain – dusk / gacha item

Building: Atelier Burgundy / Blogger Photo Room