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Sometimes it’s refreshing to try new things and for me, experimenting with a new shape is a big deal. I’m one of those ladies who, once I have my shape as I like it, will only tweak body fat or height…..once a year >.> So this new shape is a huge change for me! It’s designed to go with the Catwa Catya bento head, but I wear Kathy and it looks fab! It’s one of the many items available at the For Fancy event, which opens today (15th September). My daring tattoo is also available at the XXX event, which also opens today. Now, another area for experimenting…..dragging the Boss back into this dungeon for some play time 😀

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Any excuse for a heels pic.



Hair: [elikatira] / Kiki – Essentials

Shape: .::[Leidy Store]::. / Yoogi [Catwa Catya/Maitreya] / available at For Fancy event – starts 15th Sept

Tattoo: ((Cheeky Ink)) / My Pleasure (Jake Belleza, Omega inc) / *exclusive* XXX Event – starts 15th Sept

Dress: Wild Girls Store / Mini dress (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, TMP inc) / available at For Fancy event – starts 15th Sept

Heels: Porcelan / Kream Heels (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink inc) / available at For Fancy event – starts 15th Sept

Pose: DoggMata Poses / Autumn pose set (3 inc) / *exclusive* For Fancy event – starts 15th Sept

Dungeon: Saintstreet / Dungeon Skybox (Full Bright On/Off versions inc) / *exclusive* For Fancy event – starts 15th Sept

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The Stone Warriors watch for enemies approaching the land, their presence both daunting and inspiring to the townsfolk behind the gates. However, there is one who watches the people themselves, to find the enemy within.

Bare Rose is a store that has been about for as long as I have in SL (coughs at my rez date). They specialise in costumes and while browsing event listings the other night, I was excited to see their latest treasure hunt is still going. You will need to pick up the instruction notecard instore, which has all the landmarks and hints you’ll need. It’s a straight forward hunt to complete, but be aware it ends on the 2nd September!


Hair: [elikatira] / Thea – Essentials

Warrior Costume (inc sword): Bare Rose / Armour Treasure Hunt prize (male and female versions / system and mesh body compatible) / *free* hunt until 2nd September only

Pose: [evoLove] / Mulan Fatpack (6 poses inc)


Photo taken at The Kingdom of Giliath – a Medieval RP sim (plenty to explore).

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It’s all about the Bass

No Treble *winks*

This week has been an interesting one so far. I’ve been called a corrupter far too many times for my liking! A surprise, considering my friends are far more corrupt than me. Honest! Girl Scouts honour (fingers crossed behind my back).

One of the things I love inworld is to find a bar to hang out in and listen to music. Rock is my vice, although sometimes I have a real yearning to go to a blues club and lose myself in the music. It’s why this new gacha set from Madpea appeals to me; retro yet modern. The players are interactive and are available for a limited time at the Man Cave event. Coupled with this ‘The Bar’ sign, I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the tunes at my latest hangout, the Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime?



Hair: Magika / Sweet – Hud [01] / 150L

Bikini: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… / La Tropica Bikini Set (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / 100L

‘The Bar’ sign: MadPea / Bang Bang Bar Neon Sign / 175L

Audio Equipment and decor: Madpea / Retro Audio Gacha set / 50L – gacha pull at the Man Cave event (June round)


Photo taken at the Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar.

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13 Reasons Why he Had to Die

“You know those moments when you know something bad is going to happen, but you’re just not able to control yourself?” That’s how I felt listening to each tape in Madpea’s new gacha “13 reasons why he had to die” . It’s available at the Man Cave event now and ends on the 9th July.

13 reasons why

Each common in the gacha is a separate tape (13 in total) detailing why he had to die. You will need the rare (cassette player) to play each tape. But, once you’ve completed the story a bonus achievement becomes available. Good luck and have fun! Just….stay alive *winks*.



Hair: LeLutka / Dakota hair.Honey / 280L

Pose prop: Boudoir / Blood spatter on floor with poses / 90L – available on Marketplace HERE

Top: erratic / bloody things – crop top (Maitreya inc) / 199L

Panties: erratic / bloody things – jersey briefs (Maitreya inc) / 199L

Body blood spatter: Ama. / Blood Splatter (Omega, System Layer, TMP inc) / 199L

Necklace, Cassette Tape, Cassette Player: Mad Pea (Man Cave Event) / 13 Reasons Gacha / 50L – per pull


Taxi to the Man Cave event is HERE.