Everyone remembers Mrs Claus as Jolly Ol’ St Nick’s wife. The level headed, carrot feeding, egg nog prepping wife. But no one remembers Jiggling Jemima in her younger years. Ahhhh my friends, she was a bit of a goer. All night long. Knocking back the sherry (double shots, one in each hand) on the dance floor while you or I would be massaging our feet on a chair. She was a party animal. Buxom, lusty, mouthy! Those were the days but alas, no more. Now it’s all about the glucosamine tablets (taken with meals for optimum absorption) and a hot bath to soothe the joints. Old(er) age has finally come to the Claus household, but when she hears the thong song by Sisqo, all bets are off!


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. / Kasandra – Sandy Browless worn (Lelutka EVO BoM, Omega, Maitreya, Legacy inc)

Hair w/ stars: .EscalateD. / Talulah – Streaks – Natural Essentials Universal hud worn

Blush: *Rainbow Sundae* / Doll Blush & Freckles (BoM, Omega inc)

Eyes: .lovelysweet. / Hot Cocoa Eyes – hud inc (Catwa, Omega, Lelutka EVO, BoM inc) / *new release* available at The Liaison Collaborative December 2020

Lip stain: .lovelysweet. / Lucy Liptints (Lelutka 2.5 BoM inc) / *new release* available at The Liaison Collaborative December 2020

Brows & Eye makeup: Dotty’s Secret / Holi-Slay – Eyeshadow #1 worn (BoM, Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Necklace: VENGE / Lilith Necklace – hud inc

Earrings: Lexie Wonder / Kacey Earrings – hud inc

Dress: Just Because / Claire Gown – 16Red (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Lazy Sunday Mornings

What a perfect way to start a lazy Sunday with coffee and breakfast on a balcony. Feel the warmth permeate your skin, enjoy the tastes and bustle around you but decide to take things slowly. Read a book. Listen to the radio. Your hair freshly washed and brushed back from your face. Those are the best weekend mornings and I’m sure you’d agree. The ones where you can just take your time, let the day unfold and when you’re ready….engage with it. Or, choose not to. Bliss x


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. / Kasandra – Toffee worn (Lelutka EVO BoM, Omega, Maitreya, Legacy inc)

Hair: Lamb / Boyish – Variety Pack

Earrings: Lexie Wonder / Roxy – Geometric Square Earrings – hud inc

Dress: Little Fox / Ava – Cardigan dress – Stripes Mini Pack (Alice, Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Pose: Secret Poses / Juliet (5 bento poses w/ mirrors inc) / *new release*

Table: Refuge / Spring Gala Table – White (part of set)

Breakfast: dust bunny / dreamy outing – croissant sandwiches

Backdrop: Synnergy / The Apartments Backdrop