Not all Valentines have Happy Endings

It’s sad to say but it’s the truth. Not all romances are meant to be ‘and they lived happily ever after’. Some will make you cry; others will test your sanity. All will be a learning experience, one way or another. Perhaps the best we can ever hope for is that it ends amicably and we walk away with our dignity intact. Unfortunately for my friend, that wasn’t the case, although he makes a rather nice display in the living room ūüėČ



Hair: {Limerence} / Willow hair РNaturals (rare) / gacha item

Eye makeup: ALMA Makeup / Rors for L’Homme Magazine (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc) / subscriber gift February 2019

Base Nails: SAMS Store / Bento Pointy Nails (Maitreya, Slink bento inc)

Manicure:¬†SAMS Store¬†/ HUD Nail Pointy ‚Äď Eve

Tattoo: CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe – Ritual Paint – GOLD (Omega, Maitreya inc) / gacha item

Outfit: ChicModa / Gwen – Witches Brew (Maitreya exclusive) / 25L Anti Valentines Hunt Prize (ends 17th February)

Heels: [Sheba] / Mimi Heels – hud inc (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Pose w/ prop: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Skully ~ Bento Pose

Backdrop: .:Joplino:. / Backdrop Catacomb


Valentine Balloons

Sundays are perfect days for rest and relaxation, assuming you have the time to spare. Usually, I like to keep my Sundays as quiet as possible, so I can prep myself for the upcoming week (and all the chaos that comes with it). Today, however, I am off to a music concert in the evening. While I’m excited for the experience, I also wish I could tie these balloons to myself in rl, and just float in to the gig and out again at the end of the night. I might also use them to get a little closer to the singer too….and sneak a little kiss on the cheek ūüėÄ

A girl can dream ūüôā



Hair: .EscalateD. / Torrie – Essentials worn / Prize available with SLS Gore Vs Whore event starting 3rd February ‚Äď more info available¬†HERE

Earrings: NaaNaa’s / Rose Earrings – hud inc / *new release* available at Dubai Event until 10th February 2019

Top and cardi: MOoH! / Rose vest and top – hud inc (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Truth or Dare Affair 4 February 2019

Pants: +MuggleBorn+ / Feya Bottoms (eBody, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Solarian inc)

Sneakers: Pink Cream Pie / Becky Sneakers Рhud inc (Belleza, Maitreua, Slink inc) / group gift

Pose w/ balloons: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Valentine Balloons ~ Bento Pose / *new release*

Scene Location: Beach Cafe Corazon

A little rum in your coke?

Well, looking at my slightly glazed look, it could well be! Thank goodness it’s Friday. Honestly, it’s been another one of those weeks where I don’t know if I’m drowning or coping. I’ll let you know next week perhaps. I’ll probably still be drowning in work then too. Who knows?

This week, I’ve been really touched by friends kindness and thoughtfulness. The Mister consoled me yesterday as I had a weepy blip. Today, a group of friends I hold dear have made me smile, laugh and feel so grateful with their contributions on Facebook. There is so much good in the world, so much love and kindness. Let’s not forget that as we deal with the day to day *crap* that bombards us x



Hair: Sn@tch / Colette Hair – Naturals worn

Skin (makeup worn):¬†*Birth*¬†/ ‚ÄėPenelope‚Äô ‚Äď shade 03 worn (Catwa and multiple body huds inc)

Eyes: .lovelysweet. / Gaze Eyes – hud inc (Catwa, Omega available) / *new release* available on special offer at TheFashionRoom until 28th January

Jumpsuit: Loud Rebel Design / Jumpsuit Easton – Jeans pack worn (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Sense Event January 2019

Pose w/ can prop: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Summer Soda (bento) / group gift

Backdrop: Salacity / Zesty’s Dairy Bar / *new release* available at The Boardwalk Event January 2019

Suck it!

As Wynn downed her fifth cup of eggnog she wondered what her life had become. Getting sozzled to survive the family rampage on the big day. Bedecking herself in so much acrylic that she could electrocute a family of pygmy goats….or combust if she got too close to the lantern flame. Even the home decor had become a viable form of entertainment. Wynn had a vague thought of splinters in her ass as she tumbled backwards, with the final thoughts of “I really hope the nephews didn’t video this for YouTube” as she passed out in the corner.

Winter’s Hollow opened this weekend too and runs til the end of the month. Organised by Dark Passions Events, there are a fab range of designers catering to your dark Christmas needs. There is also a hunt at the event and a lot of designers have generously put out gifts too.

Check out the store listings HERE and don’t forget to pop down for a shop.

winter's hollow



Hair: .EscalateD. / Avacyn – special blondes worn / *Hunt Prize* at Winter’s Hollow (Dark Passions Events) available until 31st December 2018

Lipstick: Izzie’s / Candy Cane Lipstick (Christmas Gift)

Eye makeup: Izzie’s / Sparkle Eye Make-Up – greens (Catwa only) / gacha item

Earrings: NeverWish / Ornament Earrings – Gold / *Special Offer* at Winter’s Hollow (Dark Passions Events) available until 31st December 2018

Sweater: Squishy Fluff / Holiday Sweater – Suck It (Classic, eBody, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *Special Offer* at Winter’s Hollow (Dark Passions Events) available until 31st December 2018

Jeans: Petite Mort / Stonewash Distressed Skinny Jeans (Classic, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / VIP group lucky board prize

Boots: Sn@tch / Laurel Biker Boots – hud inc

Nutcracker: KK Home / Nutcracker / *Special Offer* at The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale available until 2nd January 2019

Rug: Magnum Opus / Fur Swirl Rug / *Special Offer* at The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale available until 2nd January 2019

Winter Wonderland sign: Dark Knight Decor / Holiday Sign РWinter Wonderland / *Special Offer* at The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale available until 2nd January 2019

Sleigh sign: The Home Store / Mesh Merry Christmas Sign & Lights / *Special Offer* at The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale available until 2nd January 2019

Christmas tree: [QE Home] / Handcrafted Christmas Tree -Floral Arcana- w/ candles / *Special Offer* at Winter’s Hollow (Dark Passions Events) available until 31st December 2018

Table w/ lamp: Kitty Creations / Holiday Table with Tall Lantern / *Special Offer* at The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale available until 2nd January 2019

Curtains: Annadmaya’s / Mesh Christmas Curtain Drapes V.15 / *Special Offer* at¬†The Wash Winter Wonderland Cart Sale¬†available until 2nd January 2019

Pose w/ prop: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Reindeer ride

Home: Trompe Loeil / Kenna Cabin

Pucker up!

I won’t lie, when I first found this Winter Wonderland sim my heart wept a little;¬† I’m still in summer sunshine mood. However, as my RL reminded me yesterday, we are only five weeks to the Big Day. Five weeks to family driving me insane and my birthday arriving. BUT, there is one lovely thing about Christmas that I adore. Work shuts down for a few days plus with my leftover annual leave I get two weeks off work. So, let me get on my knees, pucker up and kiss my lucky stars, that is ONE thing to feel festive about!



Hair w/ hat: Clawtooth / Winter Song – Essentials Pack

Lipstick: ALMA Makeup / Lipstick duo (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc) / Subscriber Gift available November 2018

Sweater:¬†‚Ķ:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::‚Ķ¬†/ Random Cold Day (Nordic) ‚Äď hud inc (Classic, Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Tonic inc)

Skirt: [JUSTICE] / Reianne Skirt (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Tights: Style Pantyhose / Mila White Christmas Gift (Maitreya only) / free gift available on Marketplace

Knee warmers: .:Avanti:. / Knit Knee Warmers – Pack 3 (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Boots: [VALE KOER] / Cozy Boots (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Unrigged Mesh, Gianni inc)

Pose w/ prop: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Noel Star ~ Bento Pose / *special offer* available at BDC Winter Market November 2018

Scene Location: Garden of Whimsy – Winter Wonderland

When good witches go bad

We talked about Glinda last week and her penchant for causing mischief in her younger years. Clearly this photo, sourced anonymously, shows what a hellraiser Ms Glinda used to be. Sadly, after four virgin Singapore Slings Glinda was renowned for dabbling in fisticuffs at the local watering hole. Just don’t ask where the virgins came from….or what happened to them afterwards…..

On a separate note, Secondlife Syndicate’s Trick or Treat event is in full swing until the 10th November. You can find more information HERE and I hope you’re able to win the treats, rather than the tricks the participating Designers have put out for you.

ToT Poster v1



Hair w/ hat: Doe / Witch РBrowns / gacha item available at The Epiphany October 2018

Eyes: .lovelysweet. / Nebula Eyes – hud inc (Omega, Lelutka inc)

Eye makeup: VileCult / Evilyn (Catwa, Omega inc) / SLS Trick or Treat prize – see HERE for more info

Eyelashes: P O E M A / Jewel Eyelashes (Catwa inc)

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide / Smudged lips – darks (Classic, Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Nail polish: Dark Passions / Streak Shriek Р5 (Maitreya, Omega, Slink inc) / SLS Trick or Treat prize Рsee HERE for more info

Earrings/necklace:¬†Mosquito’s Way / Tree Of Life / *new release* available at Sense Event until 8th November 2018

Outfit (skirt and top): [JUSTICE] / Darci (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release*

Pose:¬†.::Hazeel::. Poses / Don’t mess with me (bento) / *new release*


With Halloween well and truly on the horizon, now’s the time to be stocking up on spooky decor and clothing. I love Halloween in SL because everyone gets so excited and throws themselves into it. I’m sure there will be plenty more to show off this month, but in the meantime my little friend is feeling hungry and I wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.



Hair: TRUTH Hair / Batty / VIP Group Gift October 2018 (join fee required)

Skin: *Spicy* / Broken doll skin applier (Catwa, Genus, Omega inc) / group gift inworld, 10L available on Marketplace HERE

Eyes: .lovelysweet. / Feral Eyes (Omega inc)

Lipstick: P O E M A / Hermione Lipstick (Classic, Omega inc) / *new release* available at SWANK October 2018

Earrings:¬†Elle Boutique¬†/ Jaclyn Earrings ‚Äď w/ hud

Bra: Caboodle / Skelly Bra (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / FLF item available this weekend only, then full price

Pants: The Annex / Janae Capri Pants (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / Saturday Sale item available this weekend only, then full price

Gravestones: Salacity / Aged Tombstones / Halloween lucky chair prizes available October 2018

Pose w/ prop: .::Hazeel::. Poses / Skully ~ Bento Pose