Absinthe at Midnight

I’ve never been much of an absinthe drinker, mainly because I don’t like aniseed. However, after the level of stress and work this week I’m tempted to give it a try! Thankfully I have a few days booked off work next week and I aim to make the most of them. Sadly, real life commitments have other plans for me. But I shall try to overcome, preferably with a glass of something strong in my hand ūüėČ



Hair: .EscalateD. / Rhapsody – v1 – Essentials worn / Hunt prize (10L) for Rotten Egg Hunt available 12 – 28th April HERE

Necklace:¬†NaaNaa‚Äôs¬†/ Cupid Necklace ‚Äď hud inc (Maitreya, Unrigged inc)

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Dress: Loud Rebel Design / Dress Maya – hud inc (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at SWANK Event April 2019

Heels: Mosquito’s Way / Amber – hud inc (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

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Side table w/ candles: Heart Designs / Regard Noir Cabinet / *new release*

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Building: [GCP] / Grand Skybox / *new release*


You raise me up….

The internet can be such a powerful tool. I’ve had two experiences of it recently, both in a positive and negative light. The positive experience happened quite by accident. A friend had posted a picture very similar to these leggings and next thing I know, they’ve been made! An amazing example of people coming together, initially in a humorous way, but creating something fun in the process ‚̧

The negative experience was hearing that a friend continues to experience trouble with her blog on a social media platform because people appear to be targeting her. The issue? Having an opinion that is different to someone else’s. Part of the brilliant thing about living in a democracy is being able to express reasonable opinions and not live in fear of the ramifications. Many people don’t have that luxury. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that while a blog may be merely pictures and words to one person, to another it’s a creative and mental outlet that has real meaning. Be nice, people. Honestly, this negative behaviour only speaks volumes about the person you are.



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Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes, when people say they’re ok, they aren’t. When they’re asking you if you’re ok…..what they’re really asking you is “ask me if I’m ok.” They’re looking for someone to realise that they’re hurting and reach out to them. It could just be a conversation or a joke shared to break the ice. It could be a kiss, an affirmation of love and being wanted. Don’t lose sight of them; these people who are hidden in plain sight. Reach out and show them that they’re loved.



Hair: Doe / Hair Raising (solid) РColors / gacha item Рavailable at SaNaRae October 2017

Eye/lip makeup:¬†Zombie Suicide¬†/ Sludge ‚Äď fatpack inc (Catwa, Omega inc) /¬†Ironwood Hills¬†Hunt prize October 2017

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Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA Cyan Baffle / gacha item

Insert meaningful title here

One of the things I really enjoy about blogging in SL is the photography. I enjoy experimenting with windlights and shadows to see how it affects the ‘scene’ I have in front of me. Do I want it to look moody? Do I want a light effect with extra ‘gold’ or ‘blue’ in it? Do I want shadows or not? Sometimes it takes me a while to put the picture together; sometimes I have moments of quick inspiration and BOOM it’s there. That’s the one. I’m ready to publish. The ones I’ve enjoyed the most are where it’s been effortless….everything has flowed and I look back at it all and think “yes, this feels and looks right.” Bit like life, really.



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ / Jasmine Mesh Hair РBrowns / 250L

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Heels: [MODA] / Phoebe Leather Pumps Рfatpack (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, TMP inc) / 299L *clearance*


Photo taken in a little corner at the Twisted Cork Wine & Rock Bar. A new rock club on the grid, with sets most days. The Boss and I work here on a Thursday 1-3pm (classic rock set), if you ever fancy joining us.

Urban Fitness….No Pain, No Gain.


How often do I hear those words gasping and staggering through my head as I venture to the gym three times a week. “No pain, no gain. That arse isn’t going to work itself.” I wish it would! Point a shrink ray and make the magic happen! Until that special day, I’m dragged to the gym where I sweat over weights and on the treadmill, daydreaming of chocolate donuts and strawberry milkshakes.



Wynn is wearing:

Hair: Clawtooth / Celeste (3: Brunette Pack) / 75L Рgacha pull

Complete outfit (Sleeves, Top, Shorts, Player): [VALE KOER] / Urban Fitness Set РGray Рall commons (Maitreya worn) / 75L per item gacha pull Рavailable at The Arcade this month only.

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Socks: [VALE KOER] / Thermal Socks (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink РM&F, TMP РM&F inc ) / Group gift Р0L join fee

Pose: [GCP] / Sporty Spice (animation and pose ball inc) / 25L Рavailable on Marketplace HERE


Photo taken at ALPHA Gym – definitely one to visit again. Lots of perfect little spots for photography and…other stuff.

27th May 2017

Poor Kitten managed to get herself into a spot of bother and tabby wasn’t being much help. He was more interested in washing his paw. Kitten frowned “what’s the point of bringing you on escapades if all you do is hold me back?” Then….the lights…the sirens….and Kitten knew: it was time to jump!


Hair: [NANI] / Ariana.Hair (Fatpack Рears inc) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Makeup: IDTTY / Bad Kitty Р8 looks inc (system layers, CATWA, Omega appliers inc) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Kitten’s Collar:¬†Kibitz / Kitten Collar (fatpack) /¬†May 2017 – Bishbox item

Kitten’s Claws:¬†(Yummy) / Claw Rings – fatpack (Maitreya Bento hands) / May 2017 – Bishbox item

Tattoo: DAPPA / Bad Kitty Tattoo (system layers, Omega, Signature, Slink, TMP appliers inc) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Bodysuit: [I<3F] & co. / Kittysuit Рfatpack (Maitreya, Slink inc Рmaterials/regular) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Heels: Pure Poison / Meow Pumps Рfatpack (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Scene Prop: *Come Soon Poses* / Bad Cat РSet (includes prop plus separate anims) / May 2017 РBishbox item

Pose: [GCP] / Wilding (anim and poseball inc) / 35L Рavailable on Marketplace HERE


Although Bishbox has now delivered (always the 20th of the month at 12pm slt; pre order at 1500L), you can pick up the pack for 3000L at the Bishbox HQ. All previous Bishbox’s are also available. Each month is a different theme, so worth keeping your eye out.





25th May 2017

When Kitten is feeling playful, she may crawl towards you, the look in her eyes telling you all that you need to know. When Kitten is happy afterwards, you will hear her purr with satisfaction.



Hair (mask inc): Besom / Glam Kitten *Browns* / 275L

Lingerie: Erratic / Ivy – slingshot bikini latex (Maitreya only) / 499L – available on Marketplace HERE

Heels: MODA / ZEMI Platforms – Leopard (Maitreya) / former exclusive gacha event item – check Marketplace for reseller stock.

Pose: [GCP] / Kitten / 35L – available on Marketplace HERE


I had to show a close up of the heels because they are simply fabulous! Who doesn’t love a little shoe porn? MODA also has an extensive clearance section, lucky chairs, a Midnight Mania board and weekly 99L specials. Plus…if you hit the subscribo, you’ll find a little surprise! Happy shopping.