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The Rewind event has just started and I always find it good fun to pop over and see what people are now calling “Retro”. This round is the early 2000’s and all I keep thinking is “heck, I was around my physical peak then!” Young, perky….nothing had moved southwards and I didn’t appreciate it at the time. In fact, I remember owning a PC like this one for a good few years. It was a beast of a machine (woolly mammoth) but it got me through university in one piece ūüėČ

The computer set is from Madpea and is actually a gacha game. Collect the pieces to discover the outcome of a story and a hidden achievement. That’s all I know myself, so I’ll be settling down in my comfies (love bold colours, so pink was a natural choice) and finding out what happens. It’s a bit like a binge watch session of your fave tv programme. Have to keep going until it’s all done!



Hair: MINA Hair / Fiona РAll colors / Free gift РShop Til You Drop event (Gilded Sim) until 26th February 2018

Top: Pink Cream Pie / Karlie Top Рpink worn (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Capri pants: Pink Cream Pie / Lani РHearty Booty pack (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Sneakers: [VALE KOER] / Hermes Kicks Рpink worn (Maitreya worn)

Love decor: Salacity / LOVE Decor

Planets decor: Salacity / Planet Orbs decor

Computer desk: Madpea / Y2K – Computer Desk / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Computer: Madpea / Y2K РBig Bulky Computer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk lamp: Madpea / Y2K РDesk Lamp Pink / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk organiser: Madpea / Y2K РDesk Organizer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Chair w/ anims: Madpea / Y2K РComputer Chair / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Clock: Madpea / Y2K РClock Radio / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Rug: Salacity / Casual Stripes Rug

CD rack: Madpea / Y2K РCD Tow er / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Panties: Salacity / Worn, stained panties

Belleza clothing Decor Event Furniture gacha hair maitreya new release Slink

One more slice…

…of pizza ūüėÄ

I started this month with a personal resolution to get fitter and try to lose some weight. Ha! That ol’ adage, you think. Yep. Every year, same resolution and one week in, same wobbles. And, no I’m not referring to the ones on my body. Maybe the resolution should be more to do with self forgiveness. Brushing the mental dirt off myself and getting back on the wagon. Accepting there will be wobbles, but being determined to see things through. Until then, I have pizza…and ice cream…and the variety of drinks around me. Beer anyone?

This latest coffee and end table set from Salacity has a cute coaster that rezzes a range of drinks to enjoy. There are non alcoholic drinks too, so you don’t have to be a lush like me ūüėČ I also couldn’t resist the sweat pant set from Pink Cream Pie. Who knows, it might motivate me to get my ass to the gym on Monday.



Hair w/ beanie: Besom / Cozy Hearts *Browns*

Sweat top: Pink Cream Pie / Nicole Sweatshirt (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink HG) / *new release* available at ULTRA from 15th January 2018

Sweat pants:  Pink Cream Pie / Nicole Sweatpants (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink HG) / *new release* available at ULTRA from 15th January 2018

Sofa: Salacity / Leather Living Room Sofa w/ animations (PG used)

Coffee table: Salacity  / Leather Living Room Coffee Table (animated) / *new release* available at The Darkness January 2018

Wall art: MadPea / BingeWatchers РOne More Light / gacha item

Rug: MadPea / BingeWatchers РRug / gacha item

End table:  Salacity / Leather Living Room End Table (animated) / *new release* available at The Darkness January 2018

Pizza box: MadPea / BingeWatchers РPizza / gacha item

Ice cream: MadPea / BingeWatchers РIce Cream / gacha item

Soft drinks: MadPea / BingeWatchers РAverage Beverages / gacha item

DVDs: MadPea / BingeWatchers РDVDs / gacha item

Plant: MadPea / BingeWatchers РGrowbag Plant / gacha item

Remote: MadPea / BingeWatchers РRemote Control / gacha item

Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA K-Bar / gacha item

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Naughty Santa!

So, Mrs Claus had promised to be a good girl but sometimes…well. The only way to be really good was to be really bad. It’s all about your sense of perspective *wink*



Hair: Doe / Light Bright (solid) РEssentials RARE / gacha item

Makeup (lips and eyes): . MILA . / Xmas Gift Makeup (Catwa) / *free gift* check under the Christmas Tree

Tattoo: .::Nanika::. / Nadine tattoo White (Classic, Belleza, Catwa, Lelutka, Maitreya, Omega, Slink inc) / group gift The Chapter Four December 2017

Pasties: +MuggleBorn+ / TinselTassle Рfatpack (Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Unrigged, Slink HG, Solarian inc) / Coundown to Christmas 1L gift

Naughty Santa Outfit (top & skirt): The Annex / Mrs Claus Gacha – Naughty Skirt and Top – White (Maitreya worn) / *new release* PocketGacha December 2017

Backside rouge (!): The Annex / Mrs Claus Gacha РRosy Cheeks (Omega) / *new release* PocketGacha December 2017

Boots: N-core / ALYSSA Рwhite worn (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Baubles: MadPea / Outdoor Christmas Ornaments / Christmas Hunt prize Рon now!

Pose: . MILA . / Sensual / available on Marketplace HERE

Backdrop: Meva / Photo Box Spheres / gacha item

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Cast Your Eyes Forward

Look forward, to the horizon. That’s where your future lies. Embrace it. Don’t let your fears be the bars on a self imposed cage that holds you back.

Today I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little and I have a person and a group to thank for this. I recently participated in the Blogger Vlogger Network (BVN) group’s Secret Santa and I was drawn Jarla Capalini. “So, how do I blog about a blogger as a gift?” you ask. Well, it’s a very good question and one I’ve thought about this week carefully. You start by profile perving, flickr perving and blog perving. Generally, you perv and I learned a few things:

  1. Jarla takes amazing photographs. Her use of lighting and shadows just makes me think “Wow!” every time I see them.
  2. Jarla has a couple of quotes in her profile that really resonate with me. The window bars in this picture are inspired by one of them.
  3. Jarla loves motorbikes!! This makes my heart sing because I have a trike in real life and I admit, I drooled at her rl profile picture (sorry Jarla, still profile perving).

So, what does a little blogger like me do with this information? Well, we take risks. We play with lighting and projectors. We edit windlights, play with shadows and then a moment of brilliance emerges. Obviously, this moment of brilliant includes a motorbike and an excuse to wear leather. So Jarla, this is my gift to you and it comes with thanks, for inspiring me to develop my skills further.



Hair: Magika / Honey Whiskey РHud 01 worn

Makeup (lips and eyes): . MILA . / Xmas Gift Makeup (Catwa) / *free gift* check under the Christmas Tree

Necklace:¬†L&B Swear / Frost Coin Necklace (Classic, Maitreya, Slink) / *free gift* available at Shop ‘Til You Drop event December 2017

Jacket: L&B Swear / Dita Winter Cropped Jacket (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc) / former Bishbox item (check store for availability)

Pants:¬†[JUSTICE] / Naomi Pants – Black (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc) / *discounted* available at Shop ‘Til You Drop event December 2017

Boots: Glamistry / Nemesia Ankle Boots Рblack worn (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Motorbike: .::Indulge::. / Retro Orange Ducatti / group gift available at Paying It Forward December 2017

Pose:  Shi.S. poses / My Car Pose / available on Marketplace HERE

Backdrop:  RAMA / #selfie_RAMA Southwark Area / gacha item