AK ADVX Backdrop Belleza bento BoM clothing Decor eBody Reborn Event gacha hair jewellery Kupra Legacy Lelutka EVO X maitreya MAZE Nails pose skin Special offer

My thoughts, they flutter away like paper birds.


Skin: Nuve. / Selene skin – Sunkissed worn (Head: BoM for AK ADVX and Lelutka EVO X; Body V4: Belleza, eBody Reborn, Kupra, Legacy & Maitreya available). Note – head skin comes with V2 body skin, V4 body skin is purchased separately.

Hair: Wasabi // HAIR STORE / Muffin HW Ed. Hair – Absolute Pack

Nails: Eventyra / Natural Tones – hud inc (eBody Reborn hud inc)

Earrings: [Fetch] / Dino Earrings – hud inc

Outfit (sweater, skirt, panties & stockings): [EPOCH] / millie set fatpack – hud inc (eBody Reborn, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, MAZE inc) / *special offer* available at Flourish until 4th December 2022

Pose w/ props: DPSP / Paperbird (6 bento poses inc)

Books: Second Spaces / duo jacks & books / gacha item, check store for availability

Backdrop: CRYSTAL / Backdrop Book Corner

AK ADVX Belleza Belleza GEN.X bento BoM Building Decor Dress eBody Reborn Food Furniture group gift hair jewellery Kalhene Kupra Legacy Lelutka EVO X maitreya makeup Nails new release pose Signature skin Slink Special offer Yentements

I’ll play with your heart


Skin: Nuve. / Hailey skin – Sunkissed worn (Head: BoM for AK ADVX and Lelutka EVO X; Body V4: Belleza, eBody Reborn, Kupra, Legacy & Maitreya available). Note – head skin comes with V2 body skin, V4 body skin is purchased separately. / VIP Group Gift

Hair: MINA Hair / Frankie – Browns

Lipstick: Nuve. / Sultry lipstick – Ombre (Lelutka EVO X & EVO X BoM inc)

Nails: Veechi / Neon Jelly – Ballerina mesh nails – fatpack inc (Belleza, eBody Reborn, Kalhene, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Signature, Yentements inc – male and female versions available) / *new release*

Earrings: shanghai / Tiana Earring – Diamond

Bangles & rings: Yummy Accessories / Y2K Galaxy Ring & Bangle Set – hud inc (eBody Reborn, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya inc)

Gown: HILLY HAALAN / Queen of Serpents Gown – hud inc (Belleza GEN.X, eBody Reborn, Kalhene, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya inc)

Pose: B(u)Y ME / Laura Poseset (5 bento poses w/ mirrors inc)

Neon 1: [Fetch] / Rainorb Neon / VIP Group Gift

Neon 2: [Fetch] / Flame Neon – fatpack inc

Chair & table: ChiMia / Derbyshire Armchair – Dark Grey & Side Table – Silver / *special offer* available at Flourish until 14th November 2022, then back at mainstore full price

Drinks: Short Leash / Full Service Tray – Cocktail Version (decor and hold versions inc)

Rug: [QE Home] / Tassled Rug – Autumnal

Planter: Refuge / Deathly Tree Clear Lights

Building: ChiMia / Marais Apartment (Gilded Black)

Alice Altamura Backdrop Belleza bento BoM Brows catwa clothing ebody Event eyes freebie gacha Genus hair heels jewellery Legacy LeLutka maitreya makeup mesh Nails new release omega pose skin Slink TMP Tonic

Hot Karaoke Nights

We’ve all been there. Well, I know I have been! One too many drinks, a karaoke machine and next thing you know, you’re belting filthy lyrics off-key in a pub. I remember this one time with a Shania Twain song. Man, I feel like a woman took on a whooooole new meaning when I sang it! Thankfully for Wynn, the gin hasn’t quite taken full effect and she is able to leave with her dignity (mostly) intact. This time.



Skin: Spicy Bodyshop / Alice skin – Tan worn (Lelutka Evo BoM inc)

Brows: Dotty’s Secret / Instabrows – Brow Set – Dark Brown worn (BoM, Catwa, Genus, Omega inc) / *new release*

Eyes: A R T E / Brown Gem Eyes (BoM, Catwa, Mesh, Omega inc)

Hair: Foxy / Ellie Hair (Natural Ombre)

Eye makeup: Dotty’s Secret / My nudes – Glitter Eyeshadow (BoM, Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Lipstick: Dotty’s Secret / My Nudes – Gloss Lipstick (BoM, Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Nails: ASCENDANT / R-E-V-E-N-G-E Nails 01 (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Earrings: Sn@tch / Happy Panda Earrings / freebie available in the Outlet store

Top: Tastic / Don’t Be Basic Unicorn Shirt (Alice, Belleza, Altamura, eBody, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc)

Pants: Sweet Evil / Shredded Jeans – Animal – I am wearing a Legacy deformer on Maitreya size (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic inc) / *new release* available at TWE12VE July 2020

Heels: ZFG / Stepford – hud inc (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Flourish Sales Studio until 15th July 2020

Pose: Secret Poses / Amelia (8 bento poses inc)

Backdrop: VOZ / Break Time Gacha – Karaoke Stage / gacha item

Building Decor Event Food freebie Furniture gacha hunt new release

Beach Bum

Summer Beach Living doesn’t always mean Outdoor Living. You can always have fun bringing the outdoors indoors and creating your own beach lifestyle in your living room. Admittedly, I’ve mixed beach with nautical, modern and classical styles but I think it works. After all, your SLife is what you create it to be 😉


06 07 2020 collage



Building: ChiMia / Industrial Loft [White]

Tentacle Wall Lamps: MOoH! / Wall tentacle wt lantern blue & green / gacha items

Wall Surfboards: What Next / Surfboard Wall Decor / free gift available at SLB17 – Sugarplum Sim – until 12th July 2020

Standing Surfboards: Myth / Surfboards Set Decor PinUp

Rug: Bee Designs / Steampunk Living Room Rugs / gacha item

Shark: Myth / Fishy Pillow Shark – Plaid

Beanbags: [CIRCA] Living / “Below the Line” Beanbag Chairs

Floor Lanterns: What Next / Palma Lanterns

Birdhouse: The Artist Shed / Just Add Birds House

Potted Palm: Myth / Basket Plant Palm

Framed Shell: Eudora3D / Decor Frame B / gacha item

Framed Buoy: Eudora3D / LifePreserver A / gacha item

Nautical Cabinet: Eudora3D / Symphonier RARE / gacha item

Florida Art: *paper moon* / MidCentury Florida Decor Set: Print Pink

Beach Bum Art: The Artist Shed / Beach Bum Sign / *hunt prize* available at The Beached Bunny Hunt 10 July 2020 – more info HERE

Beach Art: The Artist Shed / Life’s a Beach Planter

Sideboard: ChiMia / Midnight Sideboard

Lamp: The Artist Shed / Oh Buoy Lamp

Table Art: Bliensen + MaiTai / Priceless / *new release* available at Flourish Sales Studio until 15th July 2020

Coffee: What Next / Heart Latte Tray (cream)

Small Side Tables: Bliensen + MaiTai / Tuku – Display Table/Side Table – silver / *new release*

Modern Lamp: ChiMia / Modern Table Lamp

Mini Cactus: Myth / Cactus Garden Marble (S)