Piglets and Icicles

Semi naked piglets and cold weather definitely do not mix, as evidenced by my little companion today. We humans can snuggle down and layer up but my little buddy…well he’s completely dependent on the warmth my arm is providing and right now, that isn’t much! At least we can nip indoors for a mug of hot cocoa…..as long as I can remember where I left my keys >.<



Hair w/ hat: Doe / Burr Bear – Browns / gacha item available at Lootbox January 2019

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I’m Fine

Wynn liked her new job. The pay was good, the hours flew by and if anyone disturbed her….well, they didn’t for long. Wynn couldn’t wipe the little smirk off her face as she recalled what a productive week she’d had; the most productive in a very long time. As she disposed of Derek in the clinical waste bin (well, what had *once* been Derek), Wynn wondered whether she should just wear red to work…permanently.



Hair: Doe / Candy Bucket – Browns / gacha item available at The Epiphany October 2018

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When good witches go bad

We talked about Glinda last week and her penchant for causing mischief in her younger years. Clearly this photo, sourced anonymously, shows what a hellraiser Ms Glinda used to be. Sadly, after four virgin Singapore Slings Glinda was renowned for dabbling in fisticuffs at the local watering hole. Just don’t ask where the virgins came from….or what happened to them afterwards…..

On a separate note, Secondlife Syndicate’s Trick or Treat event is in full swing until the 10th November. You can find more information HERE and I hope you’re able to win the treats, rather than the tricks the participating Designers have put out for you.

ToT Poster v1



Hair w/ hat: Doe / Witch – Browns / gacha item available at The Epiphany October 2018

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There’s talk of a blood moon in the UK tonight. As I sit here and hear the thunder outside while my body screams for cool air, the only moon I think I’ll be seeing are the phases on the necklace I’m wearing. Until then, I’ll hide in the shadows and pray for more rain.



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Backdrop: SEHAS / Pink Fluor


Ahhh it’s Friday night on a bank holiday weekend and all I can think is “thank God!” Even though I’m only 5 days back from an amazing holiday (more details soon…) I’ve staggered through this week thinking “I need a break.” Thankfully Monday gives me a chance to recharge the batteries and I’ve also sneakily booked next Friday afternoon off work….afternoon nap, here we come!



Hair: Doe / Thali – colours worn / former Bishbox item, check store for availability

Jacket: RIOT / Rachel Leather Jacket – Mustard (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Bodysuit: [QE] Designs / Criss Set – w/ hud (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Suicide Dollz May 2018

Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc.+ / Mariposa tattoo Inverse – Deep Purple (Classic, Omega inc) / gacha item

Thigh garter: KC Couture / Erel – Skull Garter & Blade (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tonic inc)

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Wishful thinking

The Epiphany is now in full swing and if you’re a gacha lover, like me, this mystical set from Madpea will have you in the mood to make a wish or two. My outfit is also at The Garden of Shadows event and I’m loving the purple tones in this photograph. Finish it off with some cute hair from Doe, and I’m ready to see where my wishful thoughts take me. Enjoy x



Hair: Doe / Bubbles – browns / gacha item

Toga w/ heels: Emberotic’s Fashion Design / Maiden Persephone – w/ hud (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Classic inc) / *new release* available at Garden of Shadows April 2018

All furniture and decor items photographed: MadPea / A Tale of Two Sisters – various items included – moon catcher is the 25 point prize / gacha items available at The Epiphany April 2018

Pose: GingerFish Poses / Black Love (6 bento poses w/ mirrors inc)

Backdrop: Exposeur / Kait Rustic Dream – Purple / gacha item


I wonder what a zom-bunny would actually look like…whether you’d see these cute little mauraders actually nomming on brains or whether they’d just have a major fetish for carrots. Which, when you think about it is really healthy and perhaps we should adopt the zom-bunny lifestyle. Who knows? Definitely not me!

Last weekend, Europe caught up with the rest of SL and our clocks went forward by an hour. This wasn’t a problem Sunday morning when I could luxuriate in bed but…Monday morning….so painful. I know after a few days I’ll be used to it, but right now. No. Just No.

We’re also approaching that time of year when Easter themed hunts abound in SL, a veritable feast of delights that leaves me hopping with excitement (see what I did there…I definitely need that extra hour’s sleep!) I love keeping up with hunts inworld and will often be seen dragging my BFF around the grid looking for those lil hard to find critters. So if you ever see me, nose to the ground, with my cross hairs swinging about in a fury, you’ll now know what I’m up to 😉



Hair: Doe / Ellie (twotone) – Browns / gacha item

Eyes: !The Little Bat / Glimmer Eyes (Mesh, System, Omega inc) / A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt Prize – ends 2nd April 2018

Eyeshadow: SLACKGIRL / SmokeGems Shadow (Omega, Lelutka, Akeruka, Classic, Catwa inc) / A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt Prize – ends 2nd April 2018

Lip piercing: SLACKGIRL / Piercing – hud inc / A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt Prize – ends 2nd April 2018

Lipstick: !The Little Bat / Winnie Lips (Lelutka, Catwa, Omega inc) / A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt Prize – ends 2nd April 2018

Earrings: EarthStones / Huggie Heart Earrings / group gift

Nails: Meva / Bento Nails (Maitreya only) / Free gift – Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt – ends 6th April 2018

Top: !The Little Bat / Zombunny Top/Pink (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Classic inc) / A Dozen Good Eggs Hunt Prize – ends 2nd April 2018

Leggings: RIOT / Sophie Leggings – w/ hud (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / Free gift – Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt – ends 6th April 2018

Pose: shi.s.poses / BENTO Hand Poses #1-5