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The Stone Warriors watch for enemies approaching the land, their presence both daunting and inspiring to the townsfolk behind the gates. However, there is one who watches the people themselves, to find the enemy within.

Bare Rose is a store that has been about for as long as I have in SL (coughs at my rez date). They specialise in costumes and while browsing event listings the other night, I was excited to see their latest treasure hunt is still going. You will need to pick up the instruction notecard instore, which has all the landmarks and hints you’ll need. It’s a straight forward hunt to complete, but be aware it ends on the 2nd September!


Hair: [elikatira] / Thea – Essentials

Warrior Costume (inc sword): Bare Rose / Armour Treasure Hunt prize (male and female versions / system and mesh body compatible) / *free* hunt until 2nd September only

Pose: [evoLove] / Mulan Fatpack (6 poses inc)


Photo taken at The Kingdom of Giliath – a Medieval RP sim (plenty to explore).