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Boo!ty call

Ahh, it wouldn’t be Halloween if Witchy Wynn didn’t pop back for a quick 2021 update. Needless to say her chances at romance were still questionable. She’d tried this human thing called “Tinder”. Well, why those human men thought sending her pics of their anatomical parts would be “exciting” was beyond her. If anything, it had put her off sausages for life. Her companion, Sphynxie, knew what she needed, probably better than she knew herself. A hot mug of tea, a good book and a sofa blanket. But, trying telling that to Wynn when the ping alert came through.


Skin: Nuve. / Charlie skin – Tan worn (Head: BoM for Catwa HD PRO, Lelutka EVO & EVO X; Body: Legacy & Maitreya add ons inc) / VIP Group Gift

Hair: Wasabi // HAIR STORE / Midnight Hair – hud inc / former FLF item, check store for availability

Tattoo: Juna Artistic Tattoo / Drusilla Tattoo – light worn and tinted to black (BoM, Omega inc) / *new release* available at Dubai Event from 20th October 2021

Eye makeup: Dotty’s Secret / Jesse Smokey Eye – Neutral tones fatpack inc & Inner Corner Highlight Neutral tones fatpack inc – both worn to create the look, but purchased separately (Catwa HD PRO, Lelutka EVO & EVO X Appliers & BoM inc) 

Lipstick: Nuve. / Liquid Gloss lipstick – fatpack inc (Catwa HD Pro, Lelutka EVO & EVO X inc)

Glasses: Boutique #187 / Coffin Glasses – hud inc / *free gift*

Horns: [Fetch] / Devil Horns Headband – hud inc / VIP Group Gift

Top: Cynful Clothing Co. / Fishnet Set (top shown only, dress in set too) – Black worn (Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya inc)

Panties: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… / Halloqueen Thong – hud inc (Altamura, Belleza, eBody, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic inc) / *hunt prize* available at Spookzilla Hunt October 2021 – more info HERE

Stockings: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… / Halloqueen Socks – fatpack inc (BoM, Kupra inc) / *hunt prize* available at Spookzilla Hunt October 2021 – more info HERE

Garters: [Sheba] / Anticross Harness – hud inc (Belleza, eBody, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Heels: Phedora / Sumi Heels – hud inc (Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya inc)

Broom: Culprit / Broom – Sphynxie Batty Black (ride anim not shown)

Pose: Sassy Sweet Poses / Sit with Me (8 bento poses inc)

Backdrop: Joplino / Backdrop Candle Night

Backdrop Belleza bento BoM catwa costume Event Genus hair jewellery Legacy LeLutka Lelutka EVO BoM maitreya makeup new release pose skin Slink Vehicle

Shoot the runner

Well, I’d prefer you didn’t but if you try, I’ll shoot back! Welcome to April. It’s officially Spring, although I wish someone would tell the sun that please. Definitely missed the memo. If you head over to Neo Japan, which runs until the 18th April, you can pick up both this awesome cyber suit/boot combo and the bike for an epic price. The suit and boots are separate, and have a huge range of colour and texture options. Similarly the bike has both a ground rezzer and solo ride option and a range of colours too. The bike is also at a special price, in order to celebrate the owner’s birthday. Enjoy x


Skin: LUMAE/ Amesha – Tone 5 version worn – created specifically for Lelutka (Lelutka EVO BoM Head; Legacy, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink bodies inc)

Hair: .EscalateD. / Berry – Streaks – Natural Essentials hud worn

Head jewels: PKC / Miki Face Jewels – hud inc

Eye makeup: VENGE / Azazel – Sanguine worn (BoM, Catwa, Genus, Lelutka inc)

Bodysuit & boots: Culprit / Cybersuit and Boots – hud inc (Legacy, Maitreya inc) / *new release* available at Neo Japan until 18th April 2021

Pose w/ prop: GingerFish Poses / One Shot (6 bento poses w/ mirrors inc)

Vehicle: Culprit / Dango Bike – rezzer and solo versions inc / *new release* available at Neo Japan until 18th April 2021

Backdrop: % anxiety / %escape (rare prize) / gacha item

Accessories Alice Backdrop Belleza BoM catwa clothing Event gacha Genus group gift hair jewellery Legacy LeLutka maitreya makeup new release omega Pet skin Slink Unrigged Vehicle

Taxi Service

They always warn you to be careful of accepting rides from strangers after dark. But what if the driver should be more scared of the person they’re picking up? Looks like Witchy Wynn has returned and carries a few spells up her sleeve, not to mention a creepy crawly companion. “Come on Rufus” she whispers to her pet, “let’s go for a ride”. The destination? Who knows. The journey….certainly an experience for all.


Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins / Lucette skin – Apricot browless worn (Lelutka EVO BoM, Omega inc) / VIP Group Gift

Hair w/ hat: Tableau Vivant / Mourning Sisters – Melancholy – Browns / gacha item

Makeup: Dotty’s Secret / The Goddess – Brows (black), Eyeshadow (red), Forehead Tattoo (style 2) & Lipstick (red) worn (BoM, Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Snake: Salem / Hand Serpent – hud inc

Necklace: Velika Rituals / Lunatic Choker (Alice, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, Unrigged inc)

Outfit (Cami, Cardi, Pants & Bag): Oubliette / Bewitched Gacha – Lace Cami Black, Blk/Wht Cardigan, Runes Leggings, Pentagram Bag (hold 2) worn – Cami & Cardigan are RARES (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Gachaland January 2021

Car: brocante. / hearse gacha – royal / gacha item

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy / Your Night Backdrops – Lonely

Alice Backdrop Belleza bento BoM clothing Event gacha hair jewellery Legacy LeLutka maitreya new release omega Pet pose skin Slink Sneakers Vehicle

Born to be wild (on the weekends)

Yes, I am a rock n roller…on the weekends only though people. Mon-Fri are too tiring for me lol. My kitty pal and I roam the streets, causing mayhem and destruction. But only between the hours of 10am-2pm…a girl’s gotta have her afternoon nap too. I do love that my bud is racing ahead of me though, especially on this adorable rumbah. If I could get my cat to be so adventurous in rl, I’d do it in a heartbeat!


Skin: .::WoW Skins::. / Mara – Toffee worn (Lelutka EVO BoM, Omega, Maitreya, Legacy inc)

Hair: Wasabi // Hair Store / Samantha Mesh Hair – hud inc / Wanderlust edition, check store for availability

Earrings: e.marie / Thrift Shop Earrings – BOYBYE / gacha item

Top: Pink Charcoal / Lorena Tee Avocado (Alice, Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Shorts: {ViSion} / Terra Denim Shorts – #3 (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Socks: Sn@tch / Azalea Striped Knee Socks – hud inc (BoM, Omega inc)

Sneakers: Ohemo / Chica fashion sneakers – hud inc (Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Cosmopolitan Event December 2020

Pose w/ scooter: Secret Poses / Wandering Around (5 bento poses w/ mirrors inc) / *new release*

Kitty: Culprit / Prrmbah Saurus Tabby

Car: MINIMAL / Cuba Car -10- Orange / gacha item

Gas station: The Bearded Guy / Walk Through The Town – Forgotten Station / gacha item