Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are the perfect time for chilling on the sofa, cuddling into a blanket and just watching telly shows. Relaxation, rest and nothing else. My own little piece of heaven where there is no rushing about, no demands and plenty of coffee on tap. Perfection ❤



Hair: .EscalateD. / Haven – Browns worn

Hairband: Magika / Hairband – hud inc / group gift

Eyes: The Little Bat / Parker Eyes – hud inc (Mesh, Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Skin: Lumae / Neoma – Tone 5 worn (Catwa, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Omega inc)

Eye makeup and blush: [POUT!] / Love Potion (Catwa, Lelutka inc)

Rings: (Yummy) / Unicorn Ring Set (Maitreya bento worn)

Sweater: Sn@tch / The Most Comfy Sweater (Classic, Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Tonic inc)

Leggings: Sn@tch / Marta Winter Knit Leggings – hud inc (Classic, Omega inc)

Slippers: Sweet Thing / Cozy Mini Boots – Pink (Belleza, Kemono, Maitreya, Unrigged, Slink inc) / Fly Buy Friday item – check store for availability

Cushion: Zombie Suicide / Tired gacha – Pillow – Love (hold anim inc)

Pose: entangled poses / Selene (3 poses inc)

Scene Location: Bobtail Bakery


I often like to travel and explore. Sometimes with another person but more often by myself. I’ll happily wander to music gigs, cinema screenings or on day trips by myself, happy in my own company. Sometimes I’ll take a book or some knitting but often I’ll just arrive and soak up the atmosphere. I realised a few years back that if I spent my life waiting for other people to be ready to do the things I wanted to do, I’d spend my life waiting…just waiting. So now, I do things my way, in my own time and I’m much happier for it.



Hair: Navy & Copper / Green Tea – brunettes worn / St Patrick’s Day Hunt Prize (available until 24th March 2018) – more info HERE

Outfit (top & shorts): [QE] Designs / Nola Set -Dark- (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / available at The Darkness Chamber Fair – Bargains on the Bayou (17 – 31 March 2018)

Sandals: [VALE KOER] / Countrygirl Sandals (Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc)

Pose: GingerFish Poses / Gypsy (6 bento poses w/ mirrors inc) / *new release* available at eBENTO March 2018

Scene Location: Whole Wheat Landscaping

Date night

Ahh date night, that one evening in the week/month where women pluck themselves to within an inch of their pain threshold, wear enough lycra to suck all the unsuckables into place and then go out and eat something daintily, when all we really want to do is scoff everything on the menu. And wear our pjs. And curl up on the sofa. And maybe fall asleep with our mouths hanging open. Yeeeeah, date night…. 😉

I’ve had fun this weekend playing with the “Date Night” set from RIOT at this month’s Arcade. When I first began blogging (one year ago..where has the time gone?) I was adamant that I’d only be a fashion blogger. Yet I’ve found over time, that I enjoy blogging decor/furniture, it just takes me a little longer, and therefore feels more rewarding when it comes together. I enjoy how it can help to build a scene and create a mood. I’ve talked previously about stepping outside my comfort zone and daring to be sexy. I’d also say that working with furniture/decor items also takes me outside my comfort zone and this has been something that’s pleasantly surprised me.



Hair w/ mask: Truth Hair / Sunday Hair [Lt Browns/Rose Mask] / gacha item

Bra: RIOT / Date Night – Bra black (Maitreya worn) / gacha item available at The Arcade March 2018

Spanx: RIOT / Date Night – Shaper taupe (Maitreya worn ) / gacha item available at The Arcade March 2018

Slippers: Reign / Piggy Slippers – Tippy Toe (Maitreya worn ) / gacha item available at The Arcade March 2018

Mirror & chair w/ pose: RIOT / Date Night – part of vanity set (table not shown) / 25 pull prize – available at The Arcade March 2018

Various makeup decor on table:  RIOT / Date Night – common prizes / gacha items available at The Arcade March 2018

Flowers: .:Marigold:. / Roses Bouquet I – #02 – White / gacha item – check MP for availability

Wynn’s Wand: MadPea / Cure for Hysteria – Bang! Bang! Vibrator – Gold / gacha item

Rug: Salacity / Casual Stripes Rug

W banner: .trinket. / floral monogram banner – w / gacha item

Boxes: Salacity / Keepsake Boxes / *new release*

Shoe decor (various): Essenz / Shoe decor / previous VIP group gift

Underwear on floor: . BLUSH . / Underwear Set – 3 Colors

Lanterns: GOOSE / Nordic floor lantern

Backdrop: Exposeur / Luxury Closet with Prop Room / gacha item

Make mine a large one

Definitely going to need one this weekend, and thankfully this little sofa set comes with two large glasses of white….just for me! The bottle’s mine too, before you ask and this lady isn’t in a mood to share 😉



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ / Maya Mesh Hair – Browns Pack / part of 80% sale in the store

Eyes: Izzie’s / Sparkle Eyes – browns (Catwa) / gacha item available at The Epiphany January 2018

Glasses: Petit Chat / Jane Glasses / *new release* available at The Underdog Event January 2018

Choker: CHIMAERA / Valentine Collar – pink worn / *new release* available at The Underdog Event January 2018

Top: Vinyl / Sophia Top/Undershirt Pak – BrainCake (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / former FLF item – check store for other options

Jeans: .::Dead Dollz::. / Violet Jeans Pearls (Maitreya) / former FLF item – check store for other options

Shoes: REIGN / Ribbon Flats – Black (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza)

Rings: Slipper Originals / Cadence Rings (Maitreya, Slink Bento inc) / available on Marketplace HERE

Couch w/ anims: Gems of Topaz / Amor Collection – Sofa / *new release* available at The Underdog Event January 2018

Rug:  Gems of Topaz / Throw Rug / *new release* available at The Underdog Event January 2018

Side table w/ decor:  Gems of Topaz / Amor Collection – Table / *new release* available at The Underdog Event January 2018

Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA K-Bar / gacha item

Time for Bed

I don’t know about everyone else but with Christmas Day done and New Years around the corner, I’m ready to settle in and chill on the sofa for a few days. Hide under a blanket and wait for the time to pass. This time of year is always a busy one, with rl birthdays and anniversaries all rolled into one week. So with the time I have spare, I’ll be in my sweats, my hair in a topknot hibernating. See you on the other side 🙂



Hair: TRUTH Hair / Ximena – variety

Tee: Petite Mort / Get Baked Tee (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc) / VIP group gift

Sweat pants: RIOT / Pashon Joggers (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Shoes: REIGN / Arianna Sneakers (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / group gift (12 days of Reignmas – day 7)

Backdrop w/ pose: Something New / Her Secondlife / group gift


Wynn wasn’t a natural singer, but she always gave things a good try. As she belted out the carols that night, she found herself swapping out the duller words for more *fruity* options, some of which caused the owners of the beautiful house behind her to blush. Wondering whether people were going for a coffee break, she found herself slowly abandoned by her friends and the lights in the house switched off. “Oh well” she thought. “Might as well sing another one and see if they prefer that!”



Hair: Doe / Nole – Browns / gacha item available at The Arcade December 2017

Sweater: Petite Mort / Cropped T-neck – Cranberry  worn (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / VIP group lucky board prize

Jeans: Petite Mort / Distressed Skinny Jeans – Stonewash  worn (Belleza, Classic, Maitreya, Slink inc) / VIP group lucky board prize

Shoes: Petite Mort / Min Embroidered Slipper – Cherry worn (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / VIP group lucky board prize

Mail box:  MadPea / Santa’s Mailbox / Christmas Hunt prize – on now!

Building:  MadPea / Frosty Retreat / Christmas Hunt prize – on now!

Christmas Carol book: MadPea / Christmas Carols (animated) / Christmas Hunt prize – on now!

Tiny Dancer

Ever since I saw this Reign gacha at The Arcade this month, I knew I had to have it. It takes me back years to 5 year old me, learning ballet and realising I’m not naturally co-ordinated! I bump into things. I have a tendency to catch corners and stumble a little. Although I wasn’t a natural dancer, I learned that perseverance does pay off and my skills grew. I was never going to be a Prima Donna, but I could hold my own and that was good enough for me.



Hair: Doe / Nole – Browns / gacha item available at The Arcade December 2017

Skin: Glam Affair / Klea – India (Catwa inc) / gacha item available at The Arcade December 2017

Neck shawl: The Annex / Knitted Scarf – Oatmeal / *new release* Paying It Forward – starts 10th December 2017

Leotard: REIGN. / Leotard (Maitreya worn) / gacha item available at The Arcade December 2017

Legwarmers: The Annex / Legwarmers – Oatmeal (Maitreya) / *new release* Paying It Forward – starts 10th December 2017

shoes: REIGN. / Ballet Flats Plain (Maitreya worn) / gacha item available at The Arcade December 2017

Pose: GingerFish Poses / Get What I Want (5 poses w/ mirrors)

Scene Location: Ballet Sarah


More info about the Paying It Forward event can be found HERE. Happy shopping and remember, Wynny likes shoes and hair!