Waiting for the storm to pass

Isn’t that what we all do sometimes? Sit and wait, while the snow flurries around us, waiting. Just waiting. And once the storm has settled, whether it’s in our minds, our hearts or our environment, we emerge and begin to make sense of it all.

Sometimes there is no sense to make of things, though. Sometimes these things happen because of factors outside our control or because someone else has willed it this way. So, what do we do? Brave the storm, deal with whatever it is swirling around us, attempt to cauterise and heal or do we wait? Just wait.



Hair: MINA Hair / Stella – Dip dye / VIP group gift

Sweater: RIOT / Sansa Sweater (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink) / *new release* – available at C88 October 2017

Pose: GingerFish Poses / Slow Burn (5 bento poses w/ mirrors)

Scene Location: Creamy’s (Alrberg Lech Lodge – VIP area)


I won’t lie, I’m a big The Walking Dead Fan and the recent seasons have been especially ❤ for me for one reason only….Negan. He’s tall, dark, handsome and incredibly naughty. How can anyone resist? I mean, look at those puppy dog eyes?



So, anyways back to reality! When I saw the bat was available inworld, I knew I had to get me some. It may not be Negan I’m cradling in my arms, but hey, a girl can dream…..filthy eye popping dreams.



Hair: TRUTH Hair / Athena – Grayscale worn / VIP group gift September 2017

Tattoo: (( Cheeky Ink )) / Dark Side Tattoo (Omega, Belleza inc) / available at The Darkness Monthly Event October 2017

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Bat: RIOT / Lucy Bat / group gift

Pose: Lush Poses / Sizzle – female pose pack (5 poses w/ mirrors inc)

Scene Location: WHOLE WHEAT Landscaping & Creation

The Halloween Dating Diaries (i)

Wytchy Wynn was in a dilemma. “It’s so hard to find a decent date these days….they keep brandishing pitchforks at me or running away when I fly towards them on my broom.” She rearranged her skirt and pursed her lips slightly in thought. It wasn’t that she was a fussy date. Literally, they could be alive, rotting or dead and she’d give them a chance. Maybe it was time to expand her horizons and look at other options? This thing called “Tinder” might be worth considering, plus a phone was much easier to transport than her cauldron……Hmmmm, what to do, what to do……



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hair / Opal Mesh Hair – Black worn

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Chest Piercing: Zombie Suicide / Rean Chest Piercing / lucky match prize

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Shoes: <P3> / Walking Dead Platforms (Classic, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink inc) / Bump in the Night Hunt prize (Oct 2017)

Scene Location: Ironwood Hills

Autumn breeze

Autumn is well and truly upon us now. It seeps into my bones and teases away my memories of summer. It laughs at me as I wrap up warm in sweaters and jeans. All I can do is look forward; beyond the cold, beyond the damp, towards sunshine again.



Hair: TRUTH Hair / Edith – Fades

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Jeans: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… / Absence Of Fear Jeans (Appliers inc) / group gift

Boots w/ socks: RIOT / Brienne Knee-High Boots (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza inc) / *new release* – available at Shoetopia (Fall 2017)

Pose: Glamrus / Laney (7 poses inc)

Scene location: Whole Wheat

Call Me

Standing and waiting for the signal to change from E to GPRS to 4G. Checking messenger. Checking email. Checking sms alerts. No news. Nothing from you. Where are you? I frantically type a text….”Call me. We need to talk.”



Hair: Clawtooth / Ruby Starlight Prize 19 / gacha item

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Pose (inc phone): .:Luxury Fashion:. / Sexy Girl (4 poses inc) / available at the For Fancy Event (Sept 2017)

Sunsets and strangers

Sometimes I wonder how people can go from being so close together, so intimate in their interactions with another person, to being so distant. As the sun sets on a relationship, whether platonic or….more, people withdraw and become strangers. It saddens me. I’ve been someone to do this and I’ve been someone who’s experienced this. All I can be is myself and hope that these will be rare occasions in my life.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ / Blue Mesh Hair – Fireworks / Gacha item – The Arcade – Sept 2017

Top: *Promagic* / Karma top – 16 (Maitreya) / Gacha item – The Imaginarium – Sept 2017

Jeans: RIOT / Winona Skinnies (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / *New release* – FaMESHed – Sept 2017

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Rings: Meva / Shalynn Bento Rings Silver (Maitreya) / *Discounted item* – The Imaginarium – Sept 2017


Photo taken at Whole Wheat.

No Parking

That’s what the sign said…instructed….told Wynn what to do. She scowled and leaned back, her ass feeling the cold from the metal seep into her bones. Clearly her backside had nothing better to do, so she promptly parked herself exactly where she wanted to be: in front of the stupid sign.



Hair: TRUTH Hair / Lady – Selection / *new release*

Makeup: . MILA . / Summer Makeup (Catwa inc)

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Necklace: Maxi Gossamer / Necklace – Truth Owl (orange) / gacha item (common)

Shorts: RIOT / Emma Denim Shorts – Blue42s (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Pose: Pink Kitten / Waiting Pose (anim and poseball inc)

Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA No Parking