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The Halloween Dating Diaries (ii)

Once Wytchy Wynn decided to give that Tinder a go, she realised the next step was to create a profile and photo. Hopefully this one wouldn’t give the wrong impression, especially as she’d done her makeup just right. Who knew? Maybe love was just around the corner?



Hair (cat ears inc): Mello. / Little Black Cat / part of Trick or Treat Box 2017 – available on Marketplace HERE

Eyes: {Frick} / Follies Eyes – black (Mesh, Lelutka, Omega, System inc) / Hunt prize – October 2017

Eye makeup: {Frick} / Follies Makeup – black (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega, System inc) / Hunt prize – October 2017

Lipstick: P O E M A / Lipstick – Iconic (Catwa inc) / 10L – limited offer – available on Marketplace HERE

Tattoo: (( Cheeky Ink )) / Dark Side Tattoo (Omega, Belleza Jake inc) / *new release* – available at the The Darkness event October 2017

Bodysuit: ChicModa / Raven (Slink, Maitreya inc) / *new release* – available at Black Fair: The Absence October 2017

Arm Harness (part of set): -Pixicat- / Dragon.Harness – Black (Maitreya) / gacha item

Stockings: Lush / Darkness Stockings – Cross (Omega inc) / available at the TWE12VE event October 2017

Heels: 1313 Mockingbird Lane / Sabrina Slippers (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink available) / *exclusive item* – available at Trick or Treat Lane October 2017

Pose Stool: GingerFish Poses / Cinema Verite (6 bento poses w/ mirrors inc) / *new release* – available at eBENTO October 2017

Privacy screen: Oubliette / Dark Nights Privacy Screen / 10L Hunt prize – October 2017

Candles: Oubliette / Brass Candle Sticks / 10L Hunt prize – October 2017

Rug: Oubliette / Ouija Rug & Sleepy Black Cat Set / 10L Hunt prize – October 2017

Table: Oubliette / Ebony Skull Table / 10L Hunt prize – October 2017

Books and mug: Oubliette / Occult Books & Coffee Mug Set / 10L Hunt prize – October 2017

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Hot Apple Cider

Sadly, it only feels like yesterday I was posting glorious Summer pictures and now it feels like Autumn has arrived. Literally. I look out of my window this morning and it’s horrible grey YUCK and I just want to crawl back into bed. I asked RL if I had to go to work and he told me yes. Spoil sport. I know a lot of people love Autumn and all the warmth and colour that comes with it, for example the falling leaves and pumpkins – but I prefer the warmth of a lazy summer afternoon where you can sit outside with a drink and watch the world pass by. Who knows? Maybe it’s time to emigrate like a swallow 🙂



Hair: +elua+ / Lucie_Darkbrown pack / gacha item

Jacket/Sweater combo: -Pixicat- / Bloom.Jacket – Leather (fitted option) / former FLF item – check store for options

Jeans: !APHORISM! / Jane Boyfriend Jeans – Worn Vintage (Belleza, Slink HG, Maitreya) / available at FaMESHed event (Sept 2017)

Wedges: [MODA] / Oksana Leather Heels & HUD (Maitreya, Slink, TMP inc) / lucky chair prize

Cider Framed Picture: MadPea / Rustic Cider Set Apple Cider Frame / available at Tres Chic event (Sept 2017)

Apple Bushels: MadPea / Rustic Cider Set Bushel of Green/Red Apples / available at Tres Chic event (Sept 2017)

Cider Tray: MadPea / Rustic Cider Set Apple Cider Tray / available at Tres Chic event (Sept 2017)

Bench: .aisling. / Coffee Table / gacha item

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Are we caged or free? A cage isn’t simply a metal structure that we physically see around us. A cage can be mental or emotional too, binding us and holding us back. Perhaps the next time people point fingers, they should take a few minutes to look within and see what cages they carry too.



Hair: MINA Hair / Kimmy – All colors / Part of Bishbox (December 2016) pack (complete pack 3,000L)

Makeup: . MILA . / Princess of Darkness Makeup (Lelutka & Catwa) / 199L – available at the Bodyfy event *limited time*

Horns/Bodysuit/Leg Straps: ::OOPS:: Dark Fable (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / 199L – available at the Fable2 event *limited time only: 5th Aug – 26th Aug only*

Heels: Glamistry / Parrasana Heels (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / 279L per single colour

Thigh Tattoo: +Psycho Barbie+ / Paint Splatter (Omega inc) / 249L

Caged Fairy Decor: *United InshCon* / Captured Fairy Memoriae / 199L – available at the Fable2 event *limited time only: 5th Aug – 26th Aug only*

Crystal Decor: ~that chick~ / Crystal Patch – Rose 1 / 25L gacha pull – available at the Fable2 event *limited time only: 5th Aug – 26th Aug only*

Couch and banner: ~Adorably Strange Wares~ / The Briar Rose Slumber – Dark / 250L – available at the Fable2 event *limited time only: 5th Aug – 26th Aug only*

Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA Blogger Stock / 75L – gacha pull


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When nookie doesn’t mean *nookie*

Yesterday I posted what I thought was an innocuous title on the blog, which referred to the term “nookie”. I underestimated how many people would pick up on that….aaaaaand how my definition of a word isn’t necessarily the ‘actual’ definition of the word! Nookie to me means cuddles. It means cuddling up with someone special, kisses, some touches but most importantly it’s shared time together. Apparently, to the rest of the world it means doin’ the dirty. Hmm. Well, they say you learn something new every day!

It led my group of friends on to thinking about other terms that mean something different to what’s intended. For example…netflix and chill. Yes. I am one of the minority that literally means “I want to watch netflix on the couch, in my pjs with you, in a blanket fort and chill” when I say netflix and chill. Not doin’ the dirty.

Wouldn’t life just be easier if we all said what we meant?


Hair: TRUTH Hair / Miriam – light browns /250L

Lingerie: Apple May Designs / Hadley – Gold (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc) / lucky board prize (group) – 25L join fee

Heels: Glamistry / IRIS Heels (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / 279L per colour *new release*

Build: Trompe Loeil / Lilah Beach Hut (part of set of 3) / 450L

Stool: {anc} / friedwildberry. ”boxchair” fog / 75L – gacha pull

Rug: [ zerkalo ] / Beginning of the Day – Rug – White / 75L – gacha pull