Um, no.

Funny how such a small word, containing only two letters, can often be the hardest to say. Whether it’s from fear of rejection, always wanting to be the life of the party or wanting to please other people, there can be a multitude of reasons we say ‘yes’ rather than saying ‘no’. It’s something I’m often guilty of; I won’t say no because I want to make other people happy, but it can be at the expense of my own happiness. So, if you ever hear those words exiting my lips, appreciate it’s from a need to preserve my sense of ‘self’ and it’s never ever intended to let you down.



Hair: Besom / Pixie Bun – brunettes w/ roots worn

Hairbase: Just Magnetized / Basic Hairbase – set 14 (Catwa inc)

Earrings:  zombie suicide / Quartz Crystal Earrings w/ hud / gacha item

Sunglasses w/ pose: Salacity / Heart shades – Um no / gacha item

Outfit (top w/ pants): MOoH! / Shelly outfit silver (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Classic, TMP, EVE, Tonic inc) / 50% discount until 8th March

Heels: Glamistry / Magnolia Heels (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Pencil fence: MadPea / The Forgotten Playground – Pencil Fence / gacha item available at The Imaginarium March 2018

Backdrop: Rowne / Seminarska 4. Prague / gacha item


Less butt, more brain.

So, I had the best of intentions for March to be a less ‘kinky’ month for me blog wise. February turned into a butt fest with so many designers creating designs that showed off the derriere. So, new month’s resolution…less butt, more brain. Sadly, my new month’s resolution is already faltering at day 1 with this dress from Narcisse paired with these thigh chains from Elle Boutique. The events…Whore Couture Fair and Kinky Monthly. Yep. No hope for me this month either!



Hair: MINA Hair / Shelley / former MMM item – check store for other colour combinations

Dress: -Narcisse- / Nelly Lace up Dress (Maitreya, Slink HG inc) / *new release* available at Kinky Monthly March 2018

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide / Valentines Lips (Classic, Catwa, Omega inc)

Thigh chains: Elle Boutique / Alessandra Thigh Chains (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Whore Couture Fair March 2018

Heels: Glamistry / IRIS Heels (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Lanterns: GOOSE / Nordic floor lantern

Balloons: hive / celebration balloons floor – pink / former FLF item – check store for availability

Pose: entangled poses / Xanthe (3 poses inc)

Backdrop: Fiasco / Little Star Stage / lucky board prize (no group needed)


The Rewind event has just started and I always find it good fun to pop over and see what people are now calling “Retro”. This round is the early 2000’s and all I keep thinking is “heck, I was around my physical peak then!” Young, perky….nothing had moved southwards and I didn’t appreciate it at the time. In fact, I remember owning a PC like this one for a good few years. It was a beast of a machine (woolly mammoth) but it got me through university in one piece 😉

The computer set is from Madpea and is actually a gacha game. Collect the pieces to discover the outcome of a story and a hidden achievement. That’s all I know myself, so I’ll be settling down in my comfies (love bold colours, so pink was a natural choice) and finding out what happens. It’s a bit like a binge watch session of your fave tv programme. Have to keep going until it’s all done!



Hair: MINA Hair / Fiona – All colors / Free gift – Shop Til You Drop event (Gilded Sim) until 26th February 2018

Top: Pink Cream Pie / Karlie Top – pink worn (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Capri pants: Pink Cream Pie / Lani – Hearty Booty pack (Belleza, Slink, Maitreya inc)

Sneakers: [VALE KOER] / Hermes Kicks – pink worn (Maitreya worn)

Love decor: Salacity / LOVE Decor

Planets decor: Salacity / Planet Orbs decor

Computer desk: Madpea / Y2K – Computer Desk / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Computer: Madpea / Y2K – Big Bulky Computer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk lamp: Madpea / Y2K – Desk Lamp Pink / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Desk organiser: Madpea / Y2K – Desk Organizer / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Chair w/ anims: Madpea / Y2K – Computer Chair / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Clock: Madpea / Y2K – Clock Radio / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Rug: Salacity / Casual Stripes Rug

CD rack: Madpea / Y2K – CD Tow er / gacha item available at Rewind February 2018

Panties: Salacity / Worn, stained panties


I’ve had a song on repeat this morning, which just makes me smile. “Reasons not to be an idiot” by Frank Turner ( has a catchy beat and lyrics, which remind me to get on with life! The chorus is especially to the point:

“So why are you sat at home?
You’re not designed to be alone
You just got used to saying “no”
So get up and get down and get outside
Cos it’s a lovely sunny day
But you hide yourself away
You’ve only got yourself to blame
Get up and get down and get outside”

10 02 2018 FINAL A



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ / Vic Mesh Hair / former FLF item – check store for availability

Eyes: SLACKGIRL / Pax MESH Eyes (Classic, Catwa, Lelutka inc) / Stupid Cupid 6 Hunt Prize – February 2018

Eye makeup: <Midnyte Creations> / Stupid Cupid Eyeshadow (Catwa, Omega inc) / Stupid Cupid 6 Hunt Prize – February 2018

Top: [QE] Designs / Valerie Sweater – Argyle (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink)

Skirt: 1313 Mockingbird Lane / Tragedy Skirt w/ hud (Maitreya only) / *new release* available at Ultra February 2018

Boots: 1313 Mockingbird Lane & [QE] Designs / Monstah Stawmpers – Willow Fatpack (Classic, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / Collab. piece to raise funds for Isis Zamin’s (Zombie Suicide) RL family. Available at both stores – all funds raised go to the family.

Couch w/ anims: Salacity / Frat House Couch

Table: Salacity / Antique Tripod Table

Rose bowl: [ zerkalo ] / Fresh Roses – Red / group gift available at Gacha Garden February 2018

Rug: Salacity / Casual Stripes Rug

Thankful Art: epoch / thankful chalk frame / Stupid Cupid 6 Hunt Prize – February 2018

Box of chocolates: StoraxTree / Rustic Heart Box Candies / Stupid Cupid 6 Hunt Prize – February 2018

Backdrop: RAMA / #selfie_RAMA K-Bar / gacha item

Caged Valentine

I often sit and wonder which is worse: the cages we erect around ourselves physically or the ones we erect emotionally…around Our hearts, Our heads. All encased and restricted, when the best thing we can do is set them free.



Hair w/ hat: +Spellbound+ / Katty – Natural Ombres & Roots

Makeup: VENGE / Cherubim Makeup (Classic, Omega, Catwa inc) / *new release* available at The Makeover Room February 2018

Dress w/ pasties: -Narcisse- / Caged Valentine Dress & Pasties (Maitreya, Slink HG inc) / *new release* available at Fetish Fair February 2018

Septum Tattoo: Sn@tch / Filigree Sternum Tattoos (Classic, Omega inc)

Gloves: .::Dead Dollz::. / Lych Bento Gloves – Red (Maitreya only)

Heels: Glamistry / Camilla Heels (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

Doll Mannequins: MOoh! / Doll cage – Black roses (rare) / gacha item available at The Gacha Life February 2018

Backdrop w/ pose: Exposeur / Clean Scenes – Crosshatch / gacha item

Throw of the Dice

Hooray for the weekend! I’ve had one of those weeks where the hours drag but the days fly. I was on a half day at work yesterday and had the luxury of some quiet time to myself. A perfect opportunity to shop (in SL), knit and watch some Van Helsing on Netflix (in RL). Last night I went to a rock gig in London and had a blast. The energy was infectious!

Sadly, the Gothic Garage Sale comes to an end soon (6th February), so if you haven’t checked out the event or the hunt…there’s still time! I’m wearing these fun heels from [QE] Designs, which are discounted at the event. The hud contains a bunch of colours, but I’ve gone for classic black today.

RIOT have also newly released these fabulous unisex chaps in the store (which are a perfect addition to my heels). There is a huge selection of male and female bodies that these chaps will fit, and they come with a ‘flat’ and ‘bulge’ panty option. Trust me, the way these pants hug my butt….you guys wanna check this out, even if it’s just perving a demo for a weekend (and then buying!)

Finally, the dice that I’m perched on are actually an animated pair, which is also a new release from Madpea. These love dice come in both PG and Adult versions and will come back with lots of fun (sexy) options when you click to play. The only thing I would say, is don’t do what I did….rez a perfect photo and then click the dice…..because it took me a little while to get my picture back to how I wanted it >.< Blogger fail lol. On a plus though, the Boss owes my navel a massage. Woot!


Hair: TRUTH Hair / Randa – variety

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] / Stellar make up (Catwa only) / 1L gift available on Marketplace HERE

Lipstick: Nightmare / Miri Lipstick – Smudged (Catwa, Omega inc) / *new release* available at The Coven February 2018

Earrings: Zombie Suicide / Get Stoned Earrings  w/ hud / *new release* available at The Coven February 2018

Necklace: AvaWay / LOVE Necklaces (Maitreya, Unrigged inc)

Top w/ bra: Caboodle / Mirja Crop Top & Bra (Maitreya worn)

Chaps: RIOT / Alex Chaps & Undies Set – flat panties worn (Multiple Male and Female bodies inc – Maitreya worn) / *new release* available at Fetish Fair February 2018

Heels: [QE] Designs / Gia Heels – Darks (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Dice: MadPea / Love Dice (PG and Adult versions available) / *new release*

Pose:Entangled Poses / Medea (3 poses inc)


I think this dress should be everyone’s mantra at least once in their life. Cast off the “forced romantic” notions of Valentines and just have a drink instead. Enjoy being single and embrace spending time with yourself. Love yourself. Not literally…although you could…but metaphorically! Vodka is the suggested tipple of choice but hey, if it’s wet..why not?!



Hair: adoness / freya : naturally / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Hair base:  MINA Hair  / Myla – hairbase (Catwa inc)

Eye makeup: Vengeful Threads / Fantasia Eyeshadow (Classic, Catwa, Omega inc)

Cheek Gouges: ~SongBird~ / Lovesick (System, Appliers hud inc) / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Necklace: -KC- Couture / Caily Choker (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Classic inc)

Dress: {Get Frocked} / Valentine Vodka dress (ebody, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Fitted) / 5L hunt prize available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Socks: -Beauty of Darkness- / Dark Hearts Socks (System, Appliers hud inc) / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Couch w/ anim:  Beyond the Dark / Eternity begins tonight collection – bench / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Screen: Beyond the Dark / Eternity begins tonight collection – privacy screen / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Tapestry: [LHP] / Tapestry – Tetragrammaton / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018

Cushion: [LHP] / Tarot Pillows – The High Priestess / discounted item available at Gothic Garage Sale Jan/Feb 2018