Belleza clothing Event group gift hair maitreya new release pose Slink

Waiting for the storm to pass

Isn’t that what we all do sometimes? Sit and wait, while the snow flurries around us, waiting. Just waiting. And once the storm has settled, whether it’s in our minds, our hearts or our environment, we emerge and begin to make sense of it all.

Sometimes there is no sense to make of things, though. Sometimes these things happen because of factors outside our control or because someone else has willed it this way. So, what do we do? Brave the storm, deal with whatever it is swirling around us, attempt to cauterise and heal or do we wait? Just wait.



Hair: MINA Hair / Stella – Dip dye / VIP group gift

Sweater: RIOT / Sansa Sweater (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink) / *new release* – available at C88 October 2017

Pose: GingerFish Poses / Slow Burn (5 bento poses w/ mirrors)

Scene Location: Creamy’s (Alrberg Lech Lodge – VIP area)

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