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Pray for me

Who and what do you pray for? Do people pray anymore or is it just used as a figure of speech? A flamboyant way to say “wish me luck!” I’ve never considered there to be a ‘God’ in the heavens; a benevolent bearded man who looks down and makes grand designs. I have a faith in ‘something bigger’ but as I’ve become older (and a little more cynical), this has been tested. RL tells me he believes in physics and science. What I’m saying is, if I ever ask you to pray for me, hold me in your thoughts and send me positive encouragement. This type of prayer suits me better.



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I believe there is God but it’s not anything like we think, the fairy tales of childhood are just a comfort, really. I believe there is a Divine collective consciousness which is based on the strongest force in the universe, that of love – and that we have to be connected to that force in order to progress or make any sense of the illusion that we live in. Without that connection, the animals are better placed than we are because they have that sense of Nature which is Divine, they work within the rules of Nature and are not affected by egotism (selfishness) or the multitude of conditionings (habits) that humanity is subject to. However, in that state, they cannot progress like humanity can, given the opportunity for connection, which is the only reason why we have free will. For more information, please contact me direct. ❤

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