3rd April 2017

I’m a self confessed shoe addict. There, I just said it *winks*. Although, for anyone who knows me, they knew that already. Every so often I make the mistake of wearing my entire shoe folder and…well….best make a cup of tea and strap myself in….because it’s a painful experience!

Apple May Designs announced their group only lucky boards had been swapped out last Thursday for….you guessed it…..shoes *grins*. Being the shoe addict we know now I am….I dutifully went there AND HAVE SPENT THE LAST FOUR DAYS LIVING THERE to win these beauties. Am I mad? Probably? Could I have just spent the money and bought them? Probably. BUT, there’s something satisfying about winning them and knowing “you’re mine now, bitches!”


My dress is also a group gift from Apple May Designs; a perfect match, which also satisfies me. Finish it off with hair from Exile (50% sale on ALL hair for a limited time – hurry!) and I’m ready to head out for the night and enjoy one of my favourite activities….music.


Hair: Exile / In These Shoes? Naturals / 125L (such an appropriate name considering the theme of this blog post!)

Dress: Apple May Designs / Aiko – Lilac / group gift (25L join fee). There is also a blue version available.

Heels: Apple May Designs / Ballerina Heels – Rainbow  Pink / group lucky board (25L join fee). There is also a green pair available!


The venue? Toby’s Juke Joint Blues Club….because I love sitting back and letting it wash through me.



Author: wynn.klaar

Shopaholic. Because you can never have too many shoes...or hair...or clothes....or poses....or backdrops....

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