Let them eat cake!

Princess Wynn had the right idea (or so she thought). If the people couldn’t afford bread, why not eat cake instead? However, clearly some important History lessons had been forgotten. Marie Antoinette had espoused the same opinion a few hundred years previously….and that didn’t go down too well with the people.



Hair: #Besom / Pixie Bun

Lipstick: Lisa Walker Makeup Studio / Limit8 Gift Lipstick 01 (Catwa, Lelutka inc) / group gift available at Limit8 September 2018

Earrings: Boutique #187 / MIAM Earrings – Rainbow Cake / gacha item

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Pose: entangled poses / Ceres (3 poses inc)

Backdrop: FOXCITY. / Photo Booth – Donut Galore


Autumn is coming

Or is it already here? Who knows? Although, my RL is a weather watcher and he observed in the week that the leaves are changing colour on the trees. I showed this picture to my bestie today and in her words ” your picture looks like you are high on pumpkin spice!” Can’t argue with that and it definitely puts me in the mood for one!



Hair w/ scarf: Clawtooth / Noelle – Dark Ombre Pack

Eye makeup: [POUT!] / Natasha’s Eye Pallette – hud inc (Catwa, Lelutka inc)

Lipstick: [POUT!] / Sweet Whisper Matte & Gloss lipsticks (Catwa, Lelutka, Omega inc)

Sweater: [JUSTICE] / Callie Shirt (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc)

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Scene Location: Missing Melody


She waits for him to arrive and take a seat. Fill the chair that stands empty before her. His suit straining from the bulk of his muscular frame. She waits for him to request a drink. The timbre of his voice. Three ice cubes, not two. A generous measure of his favourite drink. A trickle of condensation inching down the glass. She waits for a hint of a smile. A glint in his eye. Permission to come closer. She’s fed up of waiting to touch. She wants him…..now.



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Rug: Salacity / Romance Rug (traditional)

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Armchair: Salacity / Not Your Grandfather’s Wingback Chair

Pose: Image Essentials / Flirty (5 bento poses w/ mirrors inc)

Backdrop: VARONIS / Noir Background

Being Human

Being human isn’t about material accoutrements, status or power. It isn’t about who you know or what you know. It’s peeling back the layers to expose your fragility to someone and knowing they’ll protect this element of you. It isn’t about strength, it’s allowing yourself to become weak and being all the stronger for it.



Hair: Clawtooth / Rainy Day – Dark Ombre

Skin: Lumae / Elentari – Neutral (Catwa, Genus, LAQ & GAEG, Lelutka, Tonic, Leevi, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Omega inc) / *new release*

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Belly piercing: Elle Boutique / Blaze Belly Ring (Maitreya, Slink rigged)

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Backdrop: FOXCITY. / #MOOD Gacha – 8 – Thin Patience (Black)  / gacha item available at The Arcade September 2018

Dream of Summer

She knew there was still time left to dream of summer. As the warm air caressed her skin, tendrils of hair and the fragrance of her blooms fluttered lazily around her face. Closing her eyes momentarily she allowed herself to dream. She didn’t know what the future brought, but she knew what she had now and this was enough.



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Eyes: Zombie Suicide / Starry Night Eyes – hud inc (Classic, Mesh, Omega, Catwa inc)

Forehead jewel: Lumae / Forehead Jewel – Amalthea / freebie in store

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Pose: an lar [poses] / The Wisp Series (5 bento poses w/ mirrors inc)

Scene Location: Winter Moon

We’re the Weirdos, Mister.

Of course we are. We wouldn’t want to be *normal* because where’s the fun in that? If you have time this month, check out the group only lucky boards at Oubliette. Group join is free and each month the boards are swapped out for new prizes. Paired with these sizzling sunglasses from 1313 Mockingbird Lane (part of the Twisted Hunt this month), I’m ready to cause some mischief. Hope your weekend will be as productive as mine 😉



Hair: +Spellbound+ / Babygirl – Unnatural Ombres & Gradients worn / former Boundbox item – check store for availability

Sunglasses: 1313 Mockingbird Lane / Dark Days Sunglasses / Twisted Hunt Prize – more info available HERE

Lipstick (w/ blood drip): ALMA Makeup / Bloody (Catwa worn)

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Backdrop:  anxiety / %surveillance

Coffee and Umbrellas

In my last post I talked about the pull between Summer and Autumn in my part of the world. Funnily enough it’s been gloriously warm this week and I’m still feeling Summer Love. Why then put together such a cold, wet picture for you today? Because I know Autumn is coming and that means Winter will be too! Oh, what a cheerful soul I am! It’s jeans and sweaters weather, hot coffees and time for brollies. It’s time to get ready with woollen items and extra blankets on the bed. Mark my words people, the cold weather is coming……



Hair: Wasabi // Hair Store / Sasha Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

Skin: [Pink Fuel] / Lilou #13 Peach tone worn (Catwa inc) / (NB you must buy your body applier separately at the store) / gacha item

Makeup (eyes, lips, blush): P O E M A / Kimi (Classic, Catwa, Omega inc) / *new release* available at ULTRA Event September 2018

Earrings: Elle Boutique / Jaclyn Earrings – w/ hud

Sweater: [JUSTICE] / Aspen Sweater (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink inc) / *new release* available at Cosmopolitan Room September 2018

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Scene Location: Rainy Alley